Apr. 1927 In Founded as Shinkawa Namito Shop.
Apr. 1947 Renamed Shinkawa Namito Shop, Ltd. Osaka Branch (renamed Kansai Branch later) is opened.
Nov. 1951 Renamed Shinkawa Electric Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1957 Precision Instrument Factory (renamed Hiroshima Technical Center later) is completed. Fukuoka Local Office (renamed Kyushu Branch later) is opened.
Nov. 1960 Tokuyama Business Office (renamed Nishichugoku Branch later) is opened.
Jul. 1961 Tokyo Office (renamed Kanto Branch later) is opened.
Jan. 1968 Hiroshima Branch (renamed Chugoku Branch later) is opened.
Apr. 1968 The Head Office building is completed.
Feb. 1977 Started manufacturing and sales of RIVERNEW (non-contact displacement and vibration meter by eddy-current method).
Oct. 1981 Nagoya Business Office (renamed Chubu Branch later) is opened.
Feb. 1987 Hiroshima Factory is opened.
Jul. 1987 Capital is increased to ¥147,000,000.
Apr. 1988 Merger with Tokiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd. (capital increased to ¥147,500,000). Established Shinkawa YHP Co., Ltd. (renamed SYC Co., Ltd. later) by joint investment with Yokogawa Hewlett Packard Co., Ltd.
Feb. 1994 Hiroshima Factory is spinned off, and Shinkawa Sensor Technology, Inc. is established.
Mar. 1998 The office building of Nishichugoku Branch is completed.
Apr. 1998 We have certified the quality management system ISO9001
Aug. 2000 SEC OF AMERICA INCORPORATED is established.
Apr. 2001 Established a local affiliate corporation in Singapore.
Jul. 2001 Shanghai Representative Office is opened.
Aug. 2004 Established a local affiliate corporation in China.
Apr. 2006 Capital is increased to ¥200,000,000
May 2011 Capital is increased to ¥300,000,000
Aug. 2011 Established a local affiliate corporation in Malaysia.
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