Utilizing the most advanced system architecture technology, we create new systems to fit the client's requirement.

When customers require installation and replacement of DCS (distributed control systems), data collection and analysis, production control, automation of product testing, or other types of advanced system technology, our system engineers respond accurately and promtly.
Our system engineers provide software development for wide-range system environment, such as PLC, SCADA, VB, C-language, as well as DCS software development.

FA-M3V: Yokogawa range free controller
Using SCADA, we handle monitoring and control of LNG satellite bases.

We put great effort into cultivating multi-skilled engineers who can deal with both software and hardware aspects of each project.
These efforts consist not only of internal technical education, but also of external qualification and/or licese.
In this way, we continuously evaluate the skills fo each of our engineers, so we can assure the customer that the best possbile system is created,
and so our customers can be confident when they entrust us with this important work.