S-STation is an integrated solution for you if you have multiple vibration analysis and diagnostic system infiSYS RV-200 of Shinkawa Electric deployed globally in your plants for real time monitoring. When a machine abnormal vibration is detected by infiSYS RV-200, S-STation also provides you with the capability of accessing the specific infiSYS RV-200 remotely for real time vibration analysis and diagnosis.

Product Overview

S-STation consists of the following software packages for integrated machine condition monitoring:

  • S-Server
    The core package installed on a dedicate server. S-Server collects and manages system configuration information and alarm/event data of all registered infiSYS RV-200.
  • S-Monitor
    The package installed on each operator’s computer. S-Monitor provides the user interface for machine condition monitoring based on the alarm/event information collected from all the infiSYS RV-200 registered in the same S-Server.
    Operators can access the related infiSYS RV-200 remotely to analyze or diagnose the reason of abnormal vibration of the related machines.
  • G-Monitor
    Compared with S-Monitor that can only monitor infiSYS RV-200 registered in the same S-Server, G-Monitor is a package installed on each G-Monitor operator’s computer, capable of monitoring and accessing up to 10 times more infiSYS RV-200 managed in different S-STations.
  • S-RS
    The package installed on each infiSYS RV-200. It collects and sends infiSYS RV-200 alarm / event information to S-Server, or provides the requested vibration data to S-Monitor or G-Monitor for trend display.
  • S-Editor
    A package used by System Integrators for creating user graphical display of S-Monitor and configuring S-STation.

User Benefits

  • Vibration conditions of rotating machinery in each plant can be monitored from remote support centers.
  • Maintenance engineers can analyze and diagnose the machine vibration abnormality remotely before or without going to the site along with the possibility of providing an early solution or technical support.
  • Fewer vibration expertise are able to deal with more vibration related machine troubles effectively by remote accessing the on-site infiSYS RV-200 from support center.


Intensive monitoring of vibration focusing on alarm/event information of all rotating machinery

Vibration alarms/events of rotating machinery of infiSYS RV-200 are collected to and managed by S-Server to enable continuous monitoring and management of vibration status of all rotating machinery.

More efficient and safer system by decentralizing vibration analysis data

S-STation is cost effective and reduces the risk of system failure by keeping large amount of vibration data in each infiSYS RV-200 rather than consolidating them in one centralized host database. The distributed vibration data can be utilized effectively, as needed, for various vibration analysis and diagnosis with the support of remote access capability.

Early detection of machine abnormality by comparing vibration data of similar machines

Vibration data of rotating machinery of the same model collected by different infiSYS RV-200 systems at different locations can be displayed and compared on S-STation, allowing for an earlier and easier detection of machine abnormalities.

Display of process data from DCS

Process data (e.g. temperature/pressure) that serve as a reference for vibration analysis can be displayed on S-STation via an OPC server without the need to feed them via infiSYS RV-200.

Functional overview

Alarm monitoring

Alarm status of all registered infiSYS RV-200 systems are displayed on S-Monitor. These alarm information as well as comments added by operators are accumulated and managed in S-Server.

Trend display

Vibration data of multiple infiSYS RV-200 systems or the data of different time of a specific machine can be displayed simultaneously in the trend view for comparison of status of different rotating machines or of different time of the machine.

Remote access and operation

Remote accessibility from support center to an on-site infiSYS RV-200 system or other windows applications for real-time vibration analysis and diagnostics or operation. *
*NoMachine Enterprise Desktop software package by NoMachine is required.

Display of measurement value

Vibration and process values from infiSYS RV-200 systems or other systems via OPC server as well as graphical objects created using S-Editor can be displayed in S-Monitor/ G-Monitor.

A sample image of S-STation configuration (multiple S-STation case)