Rotating machinery that serves as the heart of plant equipments. The vibrations on these contain various important information. As a sensor manufacturer, SHINKAWA has always studied for and been there to protect rotating machinery. Using the proprietary program based on our expertise, we provide a system to analyze/diagnose the valuable data. Not only with the alarms in fault conditions, we support our customers with optimum scheduling of repair and maintenance by offering early detection of fault or abnormal condition, assumption of the cause or the area of the failure. SHINKAWA's CMS helps our customers make right decisions on the equipment investment to manage cost and risks. The results will be improved operation efficiency with safe and stable operation.

Failure prevention system CMS

SHINKAWA's CMS detects failure symptoms at early stages with monitoring, analyzing and diagnosing vibration from rotating machinery. Prevent failures/accidents contributes to plant’s efficient, continuous safe operations.
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CMS helps to realize safe operation by accurately analyze/diagnose the vibration on rotating machinery.

  • Reduce downtime with early detection
    Failure indicators are based on changes in vibration levels and characteristics. Knowing what is going on, allows for proactive maintenance where downtime can be scheduled minimizing impact to production and profits.
  • Optimize production schedule
    Production efficiency drives the profitability of a plant. Maintenance of the equipment optimizes time and costs resulting in managing profit risk.
  • Reliable and efficient maintenance
    Proper sensor technology with necessary sophistication and precision provide the raw data for accurate analysis and diagnostics. This data allows for intelligent, timely and cost effective maintenance decisions by plant personnel.
  • Reduce total maintenance costs by moving from TBM to CBM
    TBM is an excellent approach to servicing equipment; however, it is not the most cost efficient. Utilizing CBM is a proactive way to reduce costs, became more efficient, and have better knowledge of the equipment health.
    TBM : Time Based Maintenance
    CBM : Condition Based Maintenance
  • Allow empirical maintenance knowledge to be passed on
    Maintenance professionals have “know-how” or empirical knowledge which is difficult to pass on. Having real life data with analysis helps create the “know-how” so any level of experience can benefit from the data. It is a scientific approach and reduces learning curves.

Capture, analyze, diagnose

Sensor data is continuously collected for analysis and diagnosis on the equipment. SHINKAWA’s original software is based on our expertise in sensor technology and vibration experience. Our customers know this and rely on our high quality products.

System Configuration

Right size & Right cost
SHINKAWA’s CMS flexibly responds to customer’s needs.

SHINKAWA’s CMS solutions are “Right size & Right cost” from critical turbines to balance of plant (BOP). We have CMS solutions to help monitor your rotating equipment that is critical to your plant or process. Sleeve bearings, roller bearings, shaft vibration or position, phase mark and rotation, these all can be monitored with our CMS solutions.
“Right size & Right cost” means you get the CMS solution and minimize your investment.

Large scale

Middle scale

Small scale

Analysis & Diagnostic System

Swiftly assume the cause of the abnormity based on analysis of the vibration data.

SHINKAWA’s CMS stores not only vibration values but also vibration waveforms and spectrum analysis data allows for quick assumption of the abnormality on the diagnostic program.

Sophisticated data analysis and user-friendly operability

  • infiSYS RV-200
    Provides analysis and plotting functions required by vibration analysts certified in accordance with ISO18436-2.
    A system which analyzes vibration for phase angle and frequency component, and displays the information in the forms of various analysis graphs necessary for vibration diagnostics.
    The software provides a variety of analytical graphs which are optimized for the type of machinery and condition, satisfying stringent demands of vibration analysts and other plant personnel. Intuitive software interaction with drag & drop graph display manipulation, graph area switching tab, etc.

Capture, analyze, diagnose

  • For large rotating machinery
    It acquires phase mark signals and shaft vibration waveform, processes phase analysis and displays the information in various graphs for further analysis.
  • For small rotating machinery
    It acquires acceleration vibration waveform of casing and the information is displayed with graphs based on the frequency analysis.

System Introduction Steps

Not just system introduction. A total support from initial proposal before introduction through training after the introduction.

SHINKAWA’s work is not just introducing the equipment. We offer system introduction plans tailored for customers’ needs with consideration given also to operation and maintenance . Also, after introduction, we support our customers with a wide range of support menu, including training and analysis/report services.

Site Survey

  • STEP1 Site study/meetings
    • Hearing
    • Drawing check
    • Site check
    • Operating standard check
  • STEP2 Proposal
    • System proposal
    • Requirement definition
    • Introduction plan
    • Proposal on operation structure


  • STEP3 Delivery
    • On-site calibration
    • System implementation
    • System coordination
    • Test/acceptance inspection

Support Services

  • STEP4 Training
    • Seminar
    • Certification support
    • Technical/operational consultation
  • STEP5 Support/service
    • Analysis & Diagnostic Service
    • Analysis report creation
    • Maintenance service (Software upgrade)
    • Equipment checkup service
    • Customer service

System Introduction Support

We actively help our customers nurture their personnel, after system introduction and also in acquisition of certificates.

SHINKAWA’s job does not stop at the introduction of our products, but continues to support our customers so that they can benefit more from our products.

Corporate Seminar

Giving the customers’safe and stable operation of their plants the first priority, we provide training and assist in nurturing skilled personnel.

Certification Support Seminar

We help our customers get certified for Machinery Condition Analyst (Vibration) in accordance with ISO 18736-2 as Japan’s only certified training organization to offer all levels of Vibration Analyst Category training.


From condition monitoring of large rotating machinery, introduction to vibration analysis (the principle and basic functions), the latest fault vibration analysis system to fault vibration analysis demonstration using a journal bearing-supported rotor kit, we hold seminars on various themes delivering the latest information and technology.