A monitor designed to meet the requirements of International Organization for standardization (ISO) standards and the American Petroleum Institute (API) standard 670. The system covers the features for protective monitoring of critical rotating machinery in plants specified in the API Std.

Product Overview

A monitor which is esigned in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute (API) standard 670 and ISO standard can be scaled to the size of the rotating machinery

The fully digitalized monitor modules cover 17 measurement parameters used for TSI and other rotating machinery monitoring.The multi-functional modules can be configured on PC to meet monitoring needs.


  • Communication modules – now certified for Achilless Level 2, an international security certification to assess network robustness of control devices.
    VM-741B, 741B communication modules have been tested and certified by Achilless, an industry leading benchmark for secure communication network of industrial devices. It provides cyber security solutions for cyber-attacks through internet as well as terminal devices, and this addition to our monitoring system will benefit our customers for stable operation of critical infrastructure such as petrochemical plants and power stations.
    *Achilless is a registered trade mark of GE Digital.
  • One 19 inch rack handles up to 44 vibration channels
  • Five monitor modules handle 17 monitoring parameters
  • Monitor module configuration setup can be done on PC
  • All modules can be removed/installed from the front, which allows for hot swap
  • High reliability with redundant power supply and host communication
  • By incorporating the analysis board, the system directly connects to the infiSYS RV-200 analysis and diagnostic system.

System Configuration

Monitor Modules

Modules Slot No.
P1 P2 C1 C2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Power Supply Module (Primary)
Power Supply Module (Secondary)
Network Communication Module
Local Communication & Phase Marker Module
Vibration/Displacement Monitor Module
Absolute Vibration Monitor Module
Tachometer & Eccentricity Monitor Module
Temperature Monitor Module
Rod Drop Monitor Module
18-Channel Relay Module
30mm (W) Blank Panel
– *1
20mm (W) Blank Panel
50mm (W) Blank Panel
– *2

*1 Local Communication & Phase Marker Module is installed in slot 0 with any rack design.
*2 Primary power supply is installed in slot P1.

Software Screens

Bar graph screen (current value display)

MCL View displays measurement values and other monitoring status of each module. (Software installation is required.)

Device Config screen

Device Cofig allows users to configure the monitoring system in or out of the field.
PC can be connected to the USB port of the rack.

infiSYS View Station screen

infiSYS Analysis View displays measured values, analysis plots and diagnostic results.
Note; optional analysis board must be specified when ordering to obtain analysis and diagnostic functions, i.e., VM-701B/PM0/ALY, VM-701B/PM1/ALY, or VM-702B/ALY.