At SHINKAWA Electric we are committed to keep personal information, that we collect and receive, accurate and secured from loss or exposure to any third party, except for under the conditions specified below, according to Personal Information Protection Laws of Japan.

1. Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information to the extent necessary in the light of the purpose of use, in a legitimate and fair manner.

2. Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect and use personal information to conduct the services below concerning “consulting, proposal, installation, maintenance and other related businesses of devices, equipment and systems in measurement, control, information sectors” of our scope of business.

  1. Communication with customers
  2. Announcement of new products, etc., to customers
  3. Announcement of exhibition, seminar, etc., to customers

SHINKAWA Electric will not use personal information for any other purpose than specified above, without your consent.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party

SHINKAWA Electric will not disclose personal information to any third party, except for under the conditions described below.

  1. Where personal information is shared as described in section 4.
  2. Where handling of partial or all personal information is delegated to a third party to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  3. Where disclosure is agreed or requested by customers.
  4. Where disclosure is compelled by legal authority.

4. Sharing Personal Information

SHINKAWA Electric share personal information described as below with a third party as necessary to perform required services.

  1. Third parties to share personal information
    • Affiliated companies
    • Manufacturers of our product offerings
  2. Shared items
    • Name, company, address, position and title, telephone number, fax number and email address.
  3. Purposes of sharing
    • Study and explanation of specifications and other technical issues, determination and coordination of delivery time and implementation of an on-site inspection
    • Study, analysis and explanation on quality issues and complaint handling.
    • Announcement of new product, exhibition, seminar, etc.
  4. Name of the personal information administrator
    • The department mentioned in section 8.

5. Personal Information Protection Manager and Personal Information Administrator

SHINKAWA Electric appoints one information protection manager at our Hiroshima Headquarters to perform management of protection and sharing of personal information, also appoint personal information administrators for each performing department to ensure appropriate management of personal information.

6. Notification of the Purpose of Use of Personal Information and Disclosure, Correction, Withdrawal and Deletion of Personal Information

SHINKAWA Electric are aware that our customers have the right to request for the purposes of use of, disclosure, correction, withdrawal and deletion of their personal information, and if we will respond to any request without objection or delay.

7. Establishment, Maintenance, Improvement on Personal Information Protection Framework

SHINKAWA Electric organizes internal regulations, makes all employees thoroughly understood and pursuant to them, maintains and improves consistently to carry out this principle.

8. Contact Division for Your Inquiries and Complaints

SHINKAWA Electric Co., Ltd. Hiroshima Headquarters Administration Div.
Established/enacted on: March 17, 2005For inquiry from the web, click here.

Revision history: February 16, 2012 the contact division of section 8 was changed.