Vibration/thrust conversion function incorporated into the conventional eddy-current transducer. The two wire power loop system for power and signal transmission achieves low cost vibration monitoring systems.

Product Overview

Two wire Transmitter

The WK / WKN series is a product that adds a vibration conversion function or thrust conversion function to an eddy current transducer. Driving by a 2-wire current loop can directly transmit 4 to 20 mA signals so that the cost of the vibration monitoring system is saved.


  • No need for vibration monitor or vibration converter (4 to 20mA output)
  • Long-distance wiring capable because of the current output
  • Direct connection capability to control devices and so on.
  • Ideal for vibration monitoring of small rotating machines such as general-purpose compressors
  • Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure (Non-incendive)

System Configuration

WK Transmitter

WKN Transmitter