A monitor used for monitoring Shaft Vibration, Axial Position, Eccentricity, Temperature, Rotational Speed, etc. 8 and 10 slot rack mount types, Power source built-in standalone type are available for flexibility.

Product Overview

A monitor which offers flexibly to respond to various sizes of rotating machinery. Designed in accordance to the American Petroleum Institute (API) standard 670

VM-5 Series monitor has flexible options of 10 and 8 slots, rack mount type and power source built-in. Standalone type allows for configurations for small to middle scale rotating machinery for TSI (Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation) for large turbine generator.
All settings and checks can be done on the front panel, without disturbing the operation. Modules are available to cover every function that is required for rotating machinery monitoring, from displacement/vibration to zero-speed. The monitor can be flexibly configured to the type and size of the asset to be monitored.


  • High reliability with redundant power supply (10 slot rack mount type)
  • Data communication allows for system expansion (Rack mount type)
  • Monitor modules allow for flexible configuration
  • All settings and checks are done on the front panel without disturbing the operation.
  • Easy monitoring with full display function
  • Configuration can be changed in the field.
  • Self diagnostics function

System Configuration

Application Example

  • TSI monitor VM-5
    VM-5 monitoring system offers 16 types of monitoring units to cover a wide range of condition parameters such as vibration, displacement, rotational speed, etc.
    Its precise monitoring of vibration, axial position, eccentricity, differential expansion, etc., are critical for large rotating machinery operation. Perfect for Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI).
  • Flexible system size
    A VM-5 system consists of the monitor unit, relay module, power supply unit and instrumental rack.
    The rack can be selected from a multiple unit type (VM-5H3, VM-5W1) and a single unit type (VM-5G) appropriate for the application.
  • Input sensors
    Our transducers to provide signals to VM-5 series monitors FK/VK Series, CV/CA Series, LVDT, RD Series, MS Series sensors.
    The variety of transducers covers a wide range of measurement needs with these high quality sensors provide reliable data to ensure stable condition monitoring.


Following options are available for further enhancement of the VM-5 monitor.

RMS rectiifcation circuit Used to measure true RMS (root-mean-squire) values. VM-5K Dual Vibration Monitor
VM-5U Dual Seismic Monitor
VM-5B Dual Acceleration Monitor
VM-5M Dual Path Monitor
Isolation output card Isolates from other circuit. VM-5 Series Monitor Unit
Recorder option card Used to output non-standard signals. VM-5 Series Monitor Unit
Tropical specification Improves VM-5’s susceptibility to humidity. All VM-5 series
Marine Certifications
Required when products are used as condition monitors for marine rotating equipment. VM-5K, VM-5U, VM-5B,
VM-5M, VM-5C, VM-5T,
VM-5D, VM-5N, VM-5L,
VM-5E, VM-5A, VM-5S,
VM-5R, VM-5X,
VM-5P, VM-5Z1 to 3, VM-5Y1 to 3,
VM-5G0, VM-5H3, VM-5W1
CE marking Applies CE marking. VM-5 Series Monitor Units
VM-5Y1 to 3, VM-5G1, VM-5P3,
VM-5H3, VM-5Z1 to 3, VM-5W1